Speaking of icons, anyone who’s waiting for the Love Live! icons, they’re almost ready to be uploaded! Just a few hundred more caps and they’re done!

redstained—death said: [Oh, I know. Natsuki isn’t cooperating with me at the moment, so, if you would wait a bit more, that would be appreciated.]

That’s fine, milady! Just makin’ sure I wasn’t forgotten. I have icons to work on in the meanwhile.

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Waiting for replies like…



"It’s okay…"

Then let’s go on some rides! Any one ya want!



"You kept shoving food in my mouth."

You said you were hungry. I was feeding you. Sorry if I was a bit rough. I said I was mad at myself for being stupid. I didn’t mean to take out any rage on you.



"Mmn! You still seem upset! If you’re upset, none of this will be fun!"

If I’m upset, shouldn’t you try to cheer me up?

Bed time now. Wehhh, I gotta get up in six hours!

I have to sleep really soon, but I want to continue this RP with Val really bad. What do?

I guess it just depends.